Sunday, May 13, 2007

Quiz # 2 Tycoon Quiz

after a long hiatus a quiz is back on this blog.

Thus quiz i dedicate to those people whose money and lifestyles make us feel like why the heck m i not up there with them.

happy quizing

Q1. Name the first ever recorded billionaire?(lets start with an easy one)

Q2. According to comics who is the richest villian of all times?

Q3.Identify this billionaire

Q4. WHich is the richest family of the world?(sitter)

Q5.This person is the biggest customer of rolls royce and holds the guiness record for the same, identify?

Q6.Identify this indian tycoon?

Q7.Name the business group started by two elder sons of late Nand kishore goenka.
business group is named after the initials of the two elder sons.

Q8. Which asian city has highest number of billionaires?

Q9. Who is the richest cartoon character?sitter again

Q10. DEspite being from a rich family, X did not like media always targetting him for something beyond his control. In 1988 he went to HSBC for a 100% loan to buy out Berger paints and later sold it Malaysians, making a profit of 60 million dollars, he then went to his mother and said "this is my hard earned money now and i can spend it the way i want".identify X


Prateek Shah said...

Ans 4 : Waltons (Walmart)

Ans 7 : RPG ( R P Goenka)

Ans 9 : Richie Rich (Guess)

Good Quiz ..

adamya said...

first time i m teaming up with rishabh banthia for a here's our endeavour!!

1. Andrew Carnegie
2. villain of spiderman-1
3. carlos slim helu
4. walton family
5. prince al-wali-bin
6. k p singh (dlf)
7. RPG
8. Mumbai
9. Richie Rich
10. K M Birla...lame guess

Abhishek said...

2. Lex Luthor.. guess,
6. Bose
9. Richie Rich or Scrooge McDuck??,

do post the correct answers.

Anonymous said...

2. Lex Luthor
4. de Beers
7. Essel
9. Richie Rich