Friday, May 18, 2007

Exam time

everyone out there, due to situation beyond my control i will be very busy for next two weeks but the quizzing will be back on june 2.

wish me luck for exams

p.s. i have posted all the answers on here

Question of the day#3

Q. Which city has the highest number of casinoes in the world?

answers will be posted soon

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Special Appreciation

I was over whelmed by the response for what i got in my first quiz on this blog but the response to the second quiz has been simply outstanding. And someone has just hit a milestone in my quizzing blog.

Mr. Bhanu scored a perfect ten in tycoon quiz and thus thereby becomes the first inductee of Delhi Quiz Club Hall of fame.


p.s. plz tell us more about you

question of the day#2

hi this is continuation for a regular daily question on this blog

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here is the question of the day

Q. What popular term was coined by internet guru Seth GOdin?
(i know he coined many but i want the most popular one)

answers will be posted soon

Sorry for mistake

i had incorrectly noted taj mahal as the biggest casino of las vegas but it is not, in fact it is in atlantic city.
THe correct answer to that question is thus MGM Grand

sorry but i m also human

question of the day#1

hi i m starting Question of the day series

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Q. X was born in Hartford, Connecticut to Junius Spencer and Juliet of Boston, Massachusetts. Pierpont, as he preferred to be known, had a varied education due in part to interference by his father. Identify X
(hint: you all have heard the name)

happy quizzing