Thursday, May 10, 2007

Answers to the first quiz and the scores

1.Which is the biggest Casino of Las Vegas??

The answer to this question is Taj Mahal(cracked by only 2 ppl)
2.what was formed by Joop Van den Ende and Jon De Mol?sitter really

The answer actually was endemol but even big brother was not a bad try(no points for big brother alone)
3. Which firm does the auditing for the Oscars??

Price Waterhouse Cooper
4.In the movie GURU , Guru's twin daughters are named disha and drishti, can you give me the significance? ?

Amar Singh's daughters
5. Which Virgin Brand does not has word 'virgin' in it?like virgin atlantic etc.

sorry for such an ambiguous question actually it has many answers
mate condoms, oui fm, fever fm, blue holidays so points if u gave ne of these
6.Which global giant was started by Vinod Khosla ?

yup someone said in reply hardly a giant any more SUN Microsystems
7. Although its real name was Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime,There is also the rumor that the name was created because the company had previously failed six times, hence the name, what am i talking about.

7up universally cracked
8. Who is the famous father of donald and ivanka ??(no pj's plz)

DOnald Trump Sr.
9.An automobile major NISSAN has launched a car in April 2007 in India . The car is priced at about Rs. 20 Lacs. Name the car .

It is TEANA and not Xtrail
10. What is special area in which Standard Chartered Enterprise Equity Fund invest in India.

IPO's (i invested in those)

now the scores
ankit sud - 8(highest)
adamya garg- 6
monysh - 6
mahendra - 7
sunil - 2(yup hardly a giant anymore)
Varun Reddy - 6
nimesh -6
Aditya Modi - 8(highest)
rithwik - 7
thanks for your partiipation new quiz would be up again very soon
p.s.-plz comments are moderated no need to comment again

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Sanjeev said...

Taj Mahal casino is not in Las Vegas but in Atlantic City